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It's my first time at FORM - what can I expect?

Every instructor at FORM goes through a personal training
program where they learn to teach the FORM Method.

We do this to achieve the highest level of quality and consistency in our classes, so you can always enjoy classes with the same level of expertise - regardless of who your instructor is! Have a look at our different class styles here.


Does that mean every class is the same?

Our team has a huge arsenal of different exercises to challenge you with, and they have total freedom to pick and choose the sequences they want - so every class will feel slightly different. Of course, every teacher also has their own personality and teaching style, which results in a wonderful blend of instructors who are equally capable but who provide their own energies and personal touches to class! 

What do I need to bring and wear?

Mats and equipment are provided by us!
We recommend that you bring a small towel and a water bottle. We also sell water bottles at the studio.
Make sure you are wearing comfortable, athletic clothing.

Grip socks are not necessary but can be helplful.

Shoes are not allowed inside the studio.

Do you have showers/locker rooms?

There are changing areas, however, our studios do not have showers. We do provide ample space for you to get freshened up after class, and we provide free personal products such as deodorant, dry shampoo, hair ties and more.

Are FORM classes suitable for beginners?

All of our Barre, Barre & Stretch and Mobility classes are suitable for beginners. If you are new to our studio, we recommend arriving a little earlier than usual: our instructor can properly welcome you to the studio, show you around, and walk you through some of the basics of the class!

Our Yoga classes are divided into 'beginner' and 'advanced' levels, which is specified in the class info on the schedule.

​I have an injury, can I still come to class?

If you have an injury, please inform the instructor before class so they can let you know which exercises to expect and so they can provide you with safe alternatives. Keep in mind that all exercises are optional and that it's always OK for you to skip certain elements that don't feel right for you!

​I am pregnant, is it safe to work out at FORM?​

Yes! All of our instructors have gone through a specialised pregnancy-modification training, so let our team know and they will provide you with safe alternatives before and throughout class.

Do you have any deals for first-timers?

We do! For first-timers, we have a special 3-for-30 deal.
This allows you 3 classes for only €30, almost 50% off!

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