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Italy Padilla

Founder, owner and team-manager of FORM.
As the studio's Master Trainer, Italy is in
charge of daily operations, teacher-trainings and recruitment. 


Satchel Cowles

Founder, owner and general manager.
Satchel is in charge of administration, MarCom, customer support and events 

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Anna-Maria Laius

FORM Barre Instructor

Anna-Maria joined our team through a recommendation of a friend and slotted right in the team. She is an experienced dancer/performer and has been a part of some amazing productions that you can check out on her Instagram profile!

Favorite pose: 'Wide Second Position'
"I always feel like a beautiful ballerina doing it "

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Elsa Dobrynina-Becks

FORM Barre Instructor

Elsa is another dance and movement enthusiast who also has experience in teaching and performing - when she joined our teacher training last-minute this enabled her to pick up our FORM Barre method super quickly! 

Favorite pose: 'High V'
"You get to go through your full range of motion - and when you do... the burn is real!"

All of our instructors go through a customized FORM teacher-training so
that they are fully equipped to teach the FORM Barre method.

Please inform your instructor of any injuries or physical limitations you might have.
All of our teachers are trained to be able to give you safe alternatives to the positions in class.
All teachers have also done a pregnancy modification course, so don't be afraid to come to class during your pregnancy!

If you are interested in becoming a FORM instructor, feel free to reach out to 
italy@form-amsterdam to introduce yourself - however, we always
recommend taking a few classes at our studio first!

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