This class is designed for those with little to no experience with barre, or for those who would like to get better at the basics. We focus on form, allowing enough time to ask questions, to understand alignment and learn where to put your focus. You will learn and perfect everything from the tuck, the squeeze, to the pulse.



This is our signature barre class: a high intensity, low impact workout that will work all your major muscle groups and will leave you feeling strong! Expect all the barre classics; the burn, the shake and the sweat.

This class is challenging but is suitable for all levels of fitness




This class is open level - designed for the creative mover, but with an emphasis on foundations: with just a slightly slower tempo that allows for focus on the execution of basic postures. We’ll work to build strength and flexibility, as this class is a great way to increase your bodily freedom of movement and to gain the confidence to eventually move up to our signature yoga class.


Our strong vinyasa Signature classes focus on dynamic movement, strength, intention and breath. Created for students who like to be challenged, we will mindfully weave advanced asana into the flow with room for experimenting with new postures.
Not suitable for beginners.


This class is not recommended for beginners


This class is designed to lengthen and calm your tight and tired muscles.

A nice and relaxing sequence of movements to help counterbalance your other workouts with.

A recovery class to make your body feel good!

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