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Mobility Flow is our newest functional movement-based class, where we focus on mobility, stability and adaptability to help your movement practice. It's similar to Mindful Mobility, except here we bridge mobility elements with a fun, technical, lighthearted flow.

Mindful Mobility is about slowing things down and training our mind-muscle connection. The goal is to increase our mobility by challenging the range of motion of our joints through mindful and controlled exercises. Find out about your imbalances and protect yourself from injuries in other workouts: it's the perfect add-on to your weekly fitness routine!

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Our signature barre class is a high-intensity, low-impact workout that fuses together elements from pilates, ballet and fitness. Our technique targets all your major muscle groups and will leave you feeling strong. Expect all the barre classics; the burn, the shake and the sweat!

Our vinyasa yoga classes focus on mindful movement, strength and connection to breath. our mission is to bring you out of your head, into your body and closer to your heart. Our flows are creative and aim to challenge you physically and mentally.


In our‘all levels’yoga classes you can expect a flow that is fluid and adventurous. come with an open mind, ready to take on any challenge.

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In our ‘experienced’ yoga classes, you can expect to dive deeper not just in asana, but also in spirit. A progressive exploration of more advanced asana including ample arm-balances and inversions. A steady practice of at least a year or more is strongly recommended.

Finish your high intensity workout
with a deeper, more focussed stretch: 30 minutes of barre followed by 
30 minutes of lengthening, stretching and release allows you to get the best of both worlds.

Suitable for all levels of fitness

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